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Question #1

Questions #1
What dinosaur in high apex would you swap with a Dino in the tyrant tier and why,if not any more dinosaurs that deserve to be in tyrant?

Stigidaryx needs a big buff for sure, its a unique. Procerathomimus needs a heavy nerf for sure, its only epic. I think megalosuchus and monomimus could also use buffs, and indoraptor g2 could use with a nerf. Grypolyth could be buffed a little bit in the current meta, and ardentis/gemini could get some nerf but not too huge. Erlikospyx should get a minor health buff, both its parents have higher health than it.

Ya and say Thor should get a a small nerf to its kit, thylo could get immune to slow since it’s parent has it, I agree indo gen 2 needs a nerf grypo honestly need to be better than it’s cousin sarcox since that thing is a beast, dilocher needs a faster speed stats since it doesn’t have a speed up move other than that I think every thing is fine

thor with a slight nerf would make it that much more useless.

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Dilorach can slow tho, I think instead change distracting strike to distracting impact, and change rampage and run to strike/impact and run

All the overboosted and overleveled thors will make up for it being slightly more useless. I swear even if thor didnt have rampage, it would still sweep me frequently just based on the fact people have it 4-5 levels higher and 3 tiers more boosted than all their other dinos

Well I was think say 130 speed just one speed higher so it just doesn’t lose to its cousins erliko and erlidom I think it’s kit is fine it need this two rampages if well set up and even two shot a Thor no problem

True but it’s not only boosts fault it’s that fact ludia keep giving sino for the longest time and allo and tarbo are so easy to find

thats a level and user problem on equal terms, its an average dino. just because you face certain ones under level 30 in your arenas and cant win doesnt mean it needs a nerf… it means you arent ready to face them.

It should only get 130 speed if Quetzorion gets boosted to 131 :joy:. Neither would make sense tho since both of their parents have that speed/lower speed

to the op… i think most teams would need some high apex on their teams. i use monostego, dioraj and rinex and thor.

So you think I should drop some arenas? I have been considering that since my dinos are lower level, typically by 2 or 3, but im usually 6-7 levels lower than the thors, often to the point im facing level 30 thors against my level 22 avg team.

I havent dropped yet because everyone says its bad

um excuse me

no… keep improving your team, thats what this game is about. the problem is that players what that overnight.

O forgot about that lol. I somehow forgot that dilorach was made of deino and not one of the erliks :joy:. In that case it would make more sense. The thing is tho, dilorach was good up until immune meta. When not as many things were immune, it could distract, stun, double rampage them all the death. Erlidom on the other hand has no special effects unless u count speedup and cloak, but it is more raw damage and speed I guess.

Ya for a sec there I was like. But see even if could slow it’s not immune so I can be stunned, slowed, bleed, distracted so it would be op plus it make it a good phorasua counter

Ya but still even when immune meta was a thing it wasn’t the best plus it kept getting nerf these recent patches

It does have a relatively high damage compared to its parents at least

True but it’s no as an exaggeration as uthasino now that thing I don’t know why ludia Keeps buffing it

Like it has near tho level of attack on raptor why?