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Question about 20k pack

Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if there was a pattern for the 20k pack offers or a way to predict what’s coming next? I really wish to have a prestosuchus but I’m too tempted to spend my LPs the moment they cross 10k.

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@MirrMurr there is not way to predict that I know of, but holding on is sometimes better. I mainly do 10,000 LP packs which seem to be a better value. I only do the larger packs when I am one creature away from level 30 or 40.

Oh, shoot… I think I would hold on to 20k then and only spend LPs when I cross 30k. I mostly seem to be winning Hyaenodon and Giant Orthocone though, which seems to be the case for other players too constantly winning cenos and aquatic creatures.


Yeah @MirrMurr I have 44k at the moment and sometimes build up to 100k before I do anything. Unless my seven year old nephew wants to spend them, since I technically downloaded the game for him lol

@Bobby_Farmer That’s really nice! I wish I had your self control! :smiley: I guess I shouldn’t strategize that much since any of the 10k creatures have the potential to be great for my line up, especially since I have a couple of different creatures that are waiting for a pair. Unfortunately I’m really missing cool amphibians and I like presto’s design a lot unlike koolasauruses’ which is just ugly…

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Prestosuchus is my favorite VIP creature in terms of looks too.

I don’t think there’s a specific order.


Yeah, if you are a VIP, you should save up your LPs to at least keep enough to take a good trade offer for VIP that comes up. I like to have at least enough to take 2 or 3 as they often seem to show up one right after the other. I prefer this way of getting the ones I particularly want to have more numbers of vs. spending 20K on packs which may or may not have anything else decent in them.

The aquatics and cenos can be frustrating to get when you want to build a better Jurassic team, but I always say, learn to make use of what the game gives you. Mine do a lot of work in PvPs, as the VIPs will help you get to the Elite prize wheels sooner, and then that way you aren’t using up your Jurassics in the events that you are required to use them. The cenos in particular are great for Land PvPs since the AI tends to use the Jurassics a lot, so you have a lot less chance of being up against a class disadvantage in your lead off spot (I have a whole slew of Panos specifically for PvP use as meat shields).

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@Predator_X This is good to hear that I’m not the only one with a bias. :slight_smile: This is the main reason I’m considering ostaposaurus to be my next pet project because it looks similar to presto.

@Mary_Jo This a great idea, thanks! I’m not a VIP member yet but I’m considering it most especially for the TH benefits, I also often see prestosuchus there as an offer. I just kept putting it off because I was afraid that upgrading to VIP would somehow take away from my sense of achievement. I’m not sure if it makes any sense, I just like to keep track of my advancement without the outside factors.

The main reason I don’t like aquatic and ceno VIPs that much is because they keep messing up my ferocity range. Currently I can do the PvEs in one sitting without waiting for the cool down but the only way to do so is to leave them at lvl 10 or even below and this way they are just a waste of 10k LPs. Also because of the Hyaenodons and Giant orthocones I’m very one sided my savannahs and my reefs are very weak.

I wouldn’t consider them a “waste” just because you can’t level them up as much as you might want yet. And yeah, I went through a period with my aquatics in particular where I had so many surfaces and couldn’t get a reef to save my life! It definitely made PvEs challenging for awhile. I grabbed up every Henodus that showed up in the TH and was so excited when I’d get one in a pack, and now, I think I have more of it than anything other than the Tylo.

I would always immediately check where my creatures land in my lineups after hatching and only feed them carefully, checking as I go to make sure they didn’t go too high. It definitely is really easy to just start leveling them up right after hatching and find out later that it was way more ferocity than you were ready for.

Oh, and yes I certainly understand feeling a lot of sense of accomplishment for advancing in the game without the assist of the VIP. I guess I just never felt it helped me that much, since I was pretty terrible at battle strategy and most of the game elements when I started, and it doesn’t really help with the basics of the game so much as just speeds progress up a bit.

I still can’t get any consistency on Code 19s, and not sure I ever will (my hand-eye coordination is terrible, and so that slider continues to trip me up… actually had my first escape since they reactivated them, on an Aerotitian no less! And even failed on the reattempt after containing it, something I can’t remember the last time I failed on). For me, it’s that one thing in the game I just cannot seem to conquer, and so of course, it’s the one thing that I get the most frustrated over.

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What happens when you fail on the reattempt?

You just don’t get any rewards at all. I think I got some experience (which of course is useless for me anyway) but no sDNA or DNA at all. It just kept giving me a lot of the sliders (3 out of the 6) and that’s almost always a recipe for disaster for me, although I usually get enough of them to still pass, just very unlikely to get the perfect score I’m looking for with that many of them.

Just keep snagging the 10k packs, it works out in the end.

I was in a similar position to you, non VIP and i was getting lots of aquatics and cenozoics from the 10k packs that i didn’t have much interest in and I was getting annoyed. So i saved up some LP’s waiting for something of interest to be offered on the 20k packs. After several weeks of waiting on something to come through on the 20k packs i got tired of waiting and just blew it all on 10k packs. In the long run what i got from the last 15 packs or so balanced out pretty well. After being on a 5 or 6 pack streak with no dino i then went on a 5 or so pack streak of getting dino’s. So if i would have bought 20k packs at that point when i was considering it i wouldn’t have ended up with as many jurassic VIP’s as i did sticking with the 10k packs.

I will say though that prestosuchus is probably the only vip jurassic i don’t have :stuck_out_tongue: but i have 2 of a few others. On my daughters game she has 2 Prestosuchus though and she has opened less packs than on my game.

Just my 2 cents from my recent experience. And like Mary Jo said, I may not be crazy about the aquatics or cenozoics but they are rather useful for PvE and PvP

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I had two escapes this morning. For me it’s always the slider too, I can’t remember that I ever had this before.

I wish I could blame the game, but really can’t. I just tend to anticipate and hit early, partly because I’m just so annoyed by the thing at this point because of how often I fail them, and how rarely I miss on the other elements. The speed that it goes and the size of the target is just very difficult for me. If I had good reflexes, I wouldn’t have picked a non-action game to focus on in the first place! But I just remind myself that as I’ve continued to improve my paddocks, even most of the failures still get me a decent amount of DNA and I almost never miss on the max sDNA.


@Subxero11 Presto was my very first VIP creature and I was just blown away by her. I don’t think I would spend 20k on other creatures but presto has put a spell on me. :smiley: After I have an other of her I will just blow my LPs on the 10k packs and maybe I will get just as lucky as you, a long streak of land dinos sounds so nice!

@Mary_Jo I’m sorry to hear about your bad luck, its morbidly funny though :smiley: I’m getting better at the code 19s, but I still prefer to test my reflexes on commons and rares, I barely let the creatures escape any more but I also tend to get frustrated and hit too soon. I get especially nervous with legendaries (except for dimetrodon I don’t care for her, so I always get the perfect score with her). :slight_smile:

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I try to keep a sense of humor about it as well, but some days it’s hard to, when I blow the sliders over and over again! When I only get a single slider at the very end and just need to hit it once to get a perfect score, and STILL miss, some swear words usually ensue.

I definitely would stick with the easier paddocks (5 points of s-DNA) until you can complete those without escapes… I now stash all the common paddocks and most of the rares (leaving out the ones that get 200+ DNA) so almost all my Code 19s are 8-10 point ones, with the much harder slider, that moves faster, with smaller targets. I also only do Code 19s on my iPad (have a daily alarm set to remind me to do them), as I find it pretty much impossible to do the slider successfully on a phone screen.

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Funny enough in line with this discussion and what i have said in previous posts on both my game and my daughters game today we opened 10k packs. I got my third turtle, 2nd in last 3 packs. and she got a third Prestosuchus. Might have to consider making a lvl 11+ now on her game.

I’m wanting a Prestosuchus but no luck…6 packs opened 0 Prestos.

So this happened to me. I couldn’t resist. I had to sign up, lol

I will start collecting data on the 20k offers, we may see a pattern eventually.