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Question about a love link member

Question about Eve Rockwood.
If you haven’t matched with her or got up to this, then spoilers are up ahead

So I’ve been wondering, I got to the part where she moves to Japan for some “Special Offer”.
Did I do something wrong or does the conversations end there?


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Hey there, @Soulixer, I don’t want to give any spoilers! You might want to try other matches until Eve responds, however…

Can someone please just tell me if she comes back?
Because if she doesn’t, I’d rather just delete the game


I matched with 4 people and every one of them has now gone on some big trip and are no longer messaging. None of the other people matched with me even though I chose pretty much everyone.

I’ve been looking everywhere to see about updates, if they come back, if new matches will start up, etc. but no one is getting any answers from the devs.

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Does this mean that our matches don’t come back from their trips? No one else is messaging, either.

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