Question about Account Security 🔒

In a different game my account was hacked, cuz I was fooled by scammers.

Now in Jurassic World : The Game if a person’s account gets hacked can they get their account back as long as they know their account id and support key? In case anyone is asking, I’m asking this just incase cuz I had an old JWTG account which had a year of hard work gone because the tablet I was playing it on broke and I did not take note of my accout id and support key. So I wanna keep my account which has nearly 3 years of hard work safe and secured cuz at technology is advancing so is the technology of those who want to take advantage of others who really put their time, effort and sometimes money into a game all just to be stolen by some strangers who don’t know how to play a game fairly.


Hi there Indominus_Rexy! Taking note of your support key is definitely handy to do and your progress can usually be accessed readily if it’s been linked in your in-game settings.

However, should you encounter any issues, you can always email our team with any information you can at and they’ll do their best to help!


Thanks for clarifying!


lol my best creature is lvl 10 indominus who wants to hack me haha

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