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Question about alliance ranking

Hi there!

A new season started yesterday. I know that the trophy count resets in the alliance standings at the beginning, and then once you play a battle or two, the game readjusts your rank. I’ve been in the number two spot for most of my time in my alliance, and today I just got my highest trophy count ever after playing a few battle rounds. Weird thing is even though I have way more trophies than anyone but the leader of our alliance, the game still has me listed as being 18th. I have the second most trophies in our group by a pretty big margin. I know this sounds petty, but o want to make sure my alliance realizes I’m still in the game, especially since this week I’ve had a tough time collecting DNA and supply boxes due to the fact I’m house sitting over the holidays, and there are literally NO creatures or supply boxes where I’m at. I’ve had to hop in the car and drive a bit just to complete the dailies (I drove today specifically to meet the quota for supplies and complete the strike tower events).

So, why am I listed so low despite having a higher trophy count than all but the leader? Even then I’m only a few trophies behind him.

Just a question. I’m sure I’m missing something…