Question about alternate accounts

So about a week ago I let my brother play on my tablet at home for a bit, I knew that one of the games he downloaded and played was this one, I didnt think much of it until today as I wanted to start clearing out some apps on my tablet but checked the game on the tablet out of curiosity.

He didnt play that much of it from what I could tell but I did notice that this new account has my vip membership on it, with access to all the vip buildings and perks, both my main account and this account are visitor accounts with separate support keys.

I just want to make sure that A. I’m not exploiting any bugs or glitches by having this account open and B. That I wont get charged twice for membership.

Thankfully my main game is still on my phone so it hasnt taken over my main account which is what I was worried about too.

As you can see all buildings and perks are available…

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

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Yup, on one of my old device I had downloaded JWtG and I found it filled up not adjacent to my own VIP calendar progress instead much ahead of it with up-to-date from day 1 of the VIP revamp update - I joined 2 months late since when the extended benefits update was released, but my alternate account somehow has them all up to date.

Not charged twice for the membership though.


Ok, so I take it this is not a glitch and we wont get charged twice or penalized for this then?

I think it has something to do with my google account, because when I logged into this account it logged into my Google play services account and then my benefits appeared, was pretty worried at first.

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That I am unsure of, I was not charged twice though. Would be helpful if @Ned or @Keith would let us know what would be appropriate to do regarding this…


All accounts from the same App store get the VIP benefits


Ok thanks andy :+1:

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Thanks for letting us know. :+1:t4:

On my alternate device I had installed it using the same google account that I use for the main subscription, so that explains it…

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So using said benefits on an alt account causes no disturbances with the main account right?

Sorry for the questions but where my mains not connected to facebook I worry about losing it lol


I infer it doesn’t. @Andy_wan_kenobi mentioned his son having a VIP subscription too, was the app installed on that device from the same ID your main had the subscription on?

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The google play account is the same ID yes.

However in game the account ID and support key are different to my main account.

Thanks guys, much appreciated :+1:

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