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Question? About arenas does anyone know?


If I’m at 3980 :trophy: and vs a player with 4010 :trophy: will I play in Sorna Marshes but they see me in the Jurassic Ruins?


Yes, to them you will appear in Jurassic Ruins because they keep the backdrop of the arena they are in.

You will see them with your Sorna Marshes background


Cheers. That’s what I thought just wondering.
Also I dropped out of the tournament as I’d only just scraped in to the Ruins to qualify but was at 3900 when it started. I’ve had a bit of luck and hit 4165 and only need three more lucky battles (let’s be honest luck plays a huge part in these things) to crack 4250. Although it’s unlikely to happen would I qualify for a tournament reward?


I think as long as you stay at 4250 or above when the tournament ends, you will get a reward

And agree with you on luck. Did a few more battles just now and the game once again never picked my strongest dinos, also didn’t pick any immune or nullify dinos either while my opponents have Monomimus and Indoraptors on standby :joy: I only won because my dinos are like a few levels higher