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Question About Bajadasaurus Spawns

We all know that Bajadasaurus spawns in parks. Those of us who are aware know of “secret parks.” Tonight’s spawn was neither.

This was in a Target parking lot near a bank. Any ideas? Is Bajadasaurus a nest spawn for banks? Is this something @Piere87 would know?

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I’m curious about this too. I can’t figure out why this one spawned where it did. I think if I remember correctly, this was in some random neighborhood. :thinking:

I posted this originally in another thread a while back.

I found a Carbonemys when it was still an aquarium and park spawn and the area I found it was neither. :woman_shrugging:

If there were any trees around the game can consider them park spawns, even if there is no green on the map

there are 2 possibilities :

  1. Everything that could spawn on the map, has a very small chance to spawn anywhere else (apart from its normal location)
  2. Could be a nest for Baja. Did you recognize if there was any remarkable places around where it spawned ?
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These things spawn in my neighborhood and up and down the main highway that runs through town. None of which is a park. There is a park in the neighborhood, but I’ve never seen one spawn there.

Certain areas are marked as parks in JWA since 1.10 even if there is no park at all. Found many park areas at highways.

Right, I’m aware of the “secret parks” unless a drainage ditch is a “park,” this isn’t the case. The best I’ve got is some privately-owned soccer fields a block away. There was also no green supply-drop, unlike @QueenRexy’s example.
Other than that, there was a bank right next to it, so that’s my best guess.

I have no idea, but I do occasionally see them at other spots too.


Somebody please rescue that poor Sauropod out of the cold water. Lol :wink:


I’ve seen a few Bajadas on the map randomly. I didn’t realise they were supposed to be a park dino.

You’ve found the Loch Ness monster. :grin:


There’s like a 0.1% chance of any dino to spawn anywhere. Even outside of it’s zone/nest.
Also, i believe nests are proximity spawns, so it can be like 100 feet away from it and still spawn.
Baja’s spawn at this trailer park like 3 miles away from me, so it’s not just grass and tree parks.

I’ve never seen one outside of a park tbh. And usually has to be at night with a rare scent running :unamused:

It’s a new dino so they put it everywhere. Parks more likely, but I find them elsewhere too