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Question about boosts

So… as much as the boosts annoy me, as long as they are here, I decided to speed up my Rexy a bit just to tide me over until I can finally accrue more dna for my epics, and finally (FINALLY) get my first legendary (seems to take forever LOL - that being only a few months of playing so far :rofl:). I need coins as well, and battles right now are necessary to collect them. Anyways, my question is, when another skills tournament comes around, will my Rexy be disqualified because it has boosts, or will the game engine just eliminate the boosts from my Rexy and make her normal speed?

Hopefully it’s the latter because I like having her in my lineup for tournaments.

It all depends on the tournament.

If it is a no boost tourney, the boost just gets removed for those battles. Jump into the main arena and they are back.

They can pick and choose what to allow in the tourney.

Sweet. That’s all I needed to know! Thanks for the reply!

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