Question about Bosses with Alert Abilities

What’s the purpose of having an Alert ability when it’s Threatened condition involves having an HP that’s always higher than the Boss’s HP at the start of each round? Why not just take out the text involving the “non-threatened” conditions and treat the effects under the “Threatened” condition as if they were always the normal effects of the ability itself?


It’s referring to the boss’s total health, meaning all 3 rounds.

My question isn’t really about what the health itself refers to as it does to simply why it being an Alert ability is even necessary, since the Threatened mechanic is always activated, unlike Gorgotrebex’s Revenge mechanic.

Another confusing move, probably the most confusing

It isn’t always activated. The boss starts at 12255x3 HP, then eventually it will fall below the threshold mentioned (which looks like half, so halfway through round 2).

That…actually makes more sense then.