Question about championship rewards

I’m wondering… if a player completes the tournament takedowns every week of a month for alliance A (including week 4) and hops to alliance B during the 4th and last weekend and completes his takedowns for alliance B as well… which rewards will he get… if any? :thinking: and if no forum member knows… @Ned?

I have also thought of this

You have to actually go to claim them, and I’m pretty sure you can only claim them once. The rewards the rest of your current alliance gets is what’s you get

That I understand but for a while now the amount of rewards you get is also based on the amount of points you’ve brought towards the entire championship I believe. This leads me to believe that the player is better off claiming alliance A rewards instead of alliance B’s rewards… or am I wrong?

@Poezzzie, I assume it would be Alliance B. Since leaving an Alliance before claiming the reward counts as “forfeiting” it, and it’ll no longer be available.


Thank you so much for your incredibly swift response once again @Ned :pray:


ok so that’s not how it works. Player just switched, did two battles in our alliance but remains at 0 trophies on our “contribution board” :sweat_smile:

he would get the rewards of alliance b as long as he participated, meaning just doing one win and getting 30 alliance points.

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That’s what Ned said indeed … ok we’ll just have to see on Monday. Thank you for your input :ok_hand::pray: