Question about drops


So can rare/epic scents drop from supply drops?


I once received a rare scent…i actually have no idea how i got it: i think it was from a drop. I didn’t buy scents…so must be from a drop, unless you can get it from incubators? I’m not sure about the incubators though.


Everyone was given a rare scent when they first started them!

And no you only get 1 common a day from orange and one common from green


You can only get common scents from drops.


I saw in the release notes that you can only get one scent capsule from supply drops per day, but where did it say that you could only receive COMMON ones from the drops? I must have missed that. What a bummer!


They’re probably going to release the rare/epic scents as rewards for events. I’m looking forward to what other items we can have in our backpacks. Maybe double DNA gathering item that lasts 30 min, or something involving walking like PoGo eggs. This game has come a long way in a few months, i’m pretty impressed.


With them either shrinking the escape arena or speeding up the Dino’s (either way allowing more to escape) they better give us a stunning dart pack to slow them downs bit. I’ve been having apatosaurus reach the border wall frequently.