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Question about forum

I remember bringing this up after the last big update and I work shift work so I am on at all different times of the days and often will see stretches with no comments for 8 or 9 hours at a time. My question is this. Is there a button or a link in game to get to the forums and I just don’t see it? I have the page saved in my favorites but I don’t see it when I look in game. If it is not in game somewhere how will new players even know there is one. With a link in game I think this forum could be a lot more active and helpful

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There was a link to the Forum on Mirt’s page. However, Mirt’s page was recently abandoned and replaced with the Events tab. Currently there is no direct link to the Forum available within the app,

Yeah that’s why I was asking. I remember that and that’s how I found the forum to begin with. I was just making sure it wasn’t moved somewhere I didn’t know about. It seems kind of stupid not to have a link somewhere in game

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