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Question about group attack and flocks

Does a group attack do its damage to each health bar of the flock, or to the flock a a whole
Imagine a 3-dino flock with 3000 health, which is 1000 health on each bar. If a group damage of 800 is applied to the flock, would it have 2200 health left, or 600 (200+200+200) health left?
And if 2400 damage is applied to the flock, will the flock survive (1 creature) with 600 health, or will the flock die instantly by taking 2400 damage on each health bar (7200 damage in total)?

I’m pretty sure that it just means that a flock can’t absorb the attack, I.e. a max with a 1500 damage GDR smacks a 4000 HP Compso and leaves it with 1 Compso left

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If you’re familiar with other games think of it as Trample damage. Normally a 3000 health flock gets hit for 2000 damage it only does 1000 representing 1 member but group attacks deal the remainder of its damage to the next member until all damage it dealt.

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