Question about healing abilities during raids

With the most recent Boss raid and the annoying use of stun effects. I was wondering if healing moves can remove stun. I know cleansing does not remove the effects but was not sure about actual healing moves. For example if a slower Dino, like Dior, were to be stunned by instant charge, but in the same turn tourmaloch is doing group heal. Would the heal move remove the stun and allow Dior to attack that turn? Or once you are stunned, you are stuck until the next turn?

heals do not remove stun unfortunately. once you’re hit with a stun, there’s nothing you can do but wait it out. however, nothing says that future cleansing abilities won’t have that effect. So atm, there isn’t anything you can do about a stun other than use a stun resist/immune creature or wait it out.


Thanks. That what I figured but wasn’t sure. We have moves that can cleanse every negative effect other than stun. Most of the time during raids with stunning moves, the healer has already gone on that turn making us have to wait anyways.