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Question about how suggestions work

Hoping to get an answer from a staff member on this one.

Is it better to engage with a older suggestion post or make a new one? Are likes taken into account more than actual replies/comments?

There are some posts I’ve seen that are closer to a month old with various responses from players but nothing from any of the staff. Just trying to figure out what it is that gets a suggestion engaged with and either forwarded to the development team or we’re told it’s not likely/possible.

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Hey there, whatadani! We try our best to forward all the feedback and suggestions we see here back to our team. :mag:

While the number of likes or replies a feedback/suggestion receives doesn’t impact whether it’d be implemented in the game or not, it is better to engage on an existing thread because it gives us better visibility of the thread. :smiley:

It’s also easier for us to see how popular the idea is!

I hope that helps.


It did! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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