Question about impact and run

For example:
I have a faster dino than my opponent. I use impact and run. I come back with another faster dino. Get my opponent first his change of hitting me or do i get two changes to hit my opponent?

Thanks in advance!

Basically, If you use hit and run and go first you will strike your opponent. If your opponent survives the hit, he will counter strike you if he has a counter strike move. Then your dinosaur will run if it’s still alive. Your new dinosaur will come in. Your opponent will then attack your new Dino.

Then it moves onto the next round. You won’t get two attacks out of the same round with a hit and run attack.

Ahh, but you will if you hit and run into a swap in strike!

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Do you get the SIA on the hit and run? I thought you only got the SIA when you choose to swap Dino’s using the swap button.

I haven’t been using Dino’s with swap in abilities so don’t have complete experience with it.

Im also cerious if you use a hit and run and it switches to a swap in attack monster if it will use its SIA move?

If you use hit and run and a dino with SIA comes in, it will use its SIA.

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Try out stygi + dracorex g2… super inconsistent but also incredible funny when you pull it off

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