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Question about Inactive Alliance Leader


I am part of a great alliance called BeastS. We have been doing very well at the Alliance Missions and everyone contributes well to donations. We all get along very well.

Unfortunately our leader has become inactive and we are no longer able to accept new Alliance members. We have discussed creating BeastS2 to solve this issue, but are wondering if there is a better way. We would love to maintain our current Alliance! Any advice or solution?


As of right now there’s nothing that you can do if a leader becomes inactive except move everyone to a new alliance

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Just move on and make a message to the creator saying, “Thanks for getting us started!”


sadly there is no other option


The alliance I’m in had a leader who just quit the game, but luckily someone else took over for her. Hopefully that will happen for your alliance.

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You can change leader but the existing leader need to do it. How inactive is your leader? Can someone get in touch with him or her? You have no choice but to start a new alliance if u cannot get his or her involvement.

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Hi - I would love to combine alliances - I have a small alliance and we cant do the missions as there isn’t enough of us but could add your members - just a thought and would fix both our problems lol


If you or anyone is interested my alliance is small TJC2019 would love some new alliance members


My current alliance regularly finishes all Alliance missions, but we would like to have an active leader. We just think that the leader should be auto replaced if they are inactive for 30+ days.

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