Question about Jurassic World (as a park)

So I have a couple of questions about how the park ran before the infamous accident that closed it down. I know we won’t get answers to these from the bigwigs, but curious as to speculation. Here we go:

  1. Did the park close down for any major holidays like Easter, and Christmas or did they go the Disney route, and remained open for during those times?
  2. Did most employee’s (unlike Owen who has a bungalow) live in employee housing on the island or the mainland? And they did live on the island, were they in a separate area or were they near the Lagoon?
  3. I figured the “ticket booth/main gate/security checkpoint” would be on the mainland, but do you think they would have another one for extra measures?
  4. How often do you think Masrani visited the Park, and was he Claire’s immediate supervisor, or was there several supervisor’s between the two?
  5. How do you think the employee’s got their personal effects when the park closed down, or were they forced to leave them there?
  6. Do you think Masrani would have gone the route of the Disney Corporation and built Jurassic World parks over the globe with dinosaurs from the region that the park was built in?

Questions 1-5. The park is not real. Why does it matter?

Question 6. The original Jurassic Park was planed to have other parks on islands near Europe and Japan. You can see the Jurassic park Europe in the background in the original movie during the Chilean sea bass dinner scene.