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Question about LP - VIP

So currently I am sitting at just over 40k loyalty points, for the last 2 times I’ve purchased the 35k pack I have recieved procoptodon :confused: I’m in no rush to spend my points again on this pack (I currently have a deep enough bench and am not worried about adding more creatures to help me in tournaments).

The question I was going to ask the vip players, is there a bonus pack offered after purchasing the 50k pack?

For example I know that once buying the 20k pack you are offered the same pack again at a discount (17k or 18k I beleive) is this also the case with the 50k pack?

If not I will probably go for the 35k pack once again just wanted to make sure that I’m using the points to their full potential really

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I have seen the additional pack on the 50k pack, not every time but I have seen it. If you are not spending them on specific packs right now, its also good to stockpile them until they have any special offers running (discounted packs or double LP which means 4x for VIP 2x2).


Thanks sionsith, il save up my points for now then, i completely forgot about the 4x lp time period, that will be the best time to spend, any idea on when they do these double LP periods or is it just random occurrence?

I feel like there is one around Christmas time, and one towards the beginning of summer, so maybe every 6 months but that’s just a feeling I have not tracked them.


I buy 50k packages for a while now on a regular basis. I’m on my way to have at least one level 40 of each 50k VIP.

So far I always got the bonus offer with 15% discount for 42.5k loyalty points. I like those packages, more than once I got 4,500 dinobucks from the resources cards.


Other than completing all regular PvE events, is there any way to grind LPs? I wanna try the 50K packs and also might think about saving up 95K in case a discounted second pack is offered.

PvP non MOD PvP that is.


I often trade apatosaurus fossils for LP in custom trades. One fossil can bring you 260 to 320 LPs.


Oh okay thanks @Tommi and @Sionsith for the advice!

I used to do all Apato custom trades, until I was able to do coins to jurassic. Now that is not a guaranteed rare hybrid, I may go back to Apato trades. I’m thinking at least one or two. Doing three is almost an extra 1K LPs a day.


It is the same for me. I decided to switch to coins for Jurassics a little bit too late. Wasn’t able to fill my rare hybrid paddocks before they changed the chance to get one from 100% to 33%.
Now I’m no longer willing to sacrifice a custom trade to get a legendary so I’m going back to the good old, reliable, fossil trade.
Actually I’m saving 300k LPs to be ready to buy my last six 50k VIPs when they are available (one more Wuerhosaurus and five Procoptodons).
800 to 1,000 LPs from custom trades per day are very welcome in this project.


I’ll probably do AF to LP soon, but as of now I’m basically doing DNA to Jurassic since it’s given me copies of a lot of locked creatures (Sarco, Priono, Raja, Parasaurolophus, etc) and I was able to max them. I think I’ll do 2 DNA to Jurassic and 1 AF to LP custom from today.

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True, I just scored this guy today. It’s my eighth one so I can finally make his hybrid. I have to wait until Rajastega gets out of the hatchery though.


@Bandeezee so are you one of the players who started after the battle stage reshuffle of November '19? Because I also got my final Sarco from custom trade a few weeks back, felt so good :joy:

3 away from my second level 40 of this guy, then I’m making the hybrid

This seems like a good way to use my trades, I’m often declining a lot of coin to creature offers otherwise

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Yes, I can’t remember when I exactly started. This was actually my 5 year olds game and I just watched him. Then I started helping him, now it’s on my phone and he watches every once in a while. I think I started really getting interested in February some time. I didn’t really get on the forums and understand it until probably March or April though. I was just around low 60s level I think around trex gen 2 intro, but then got a glitch that sent my park to level 90. So I got a little lucky and was able to get all the advantages of having a higher park level.

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If you fight a bunch of aquatic pvp, You will win a bunch of legendary aquatic. Those legendarys fetch 450-900 lp per trade, which is double fossil. I know fossil is essentially free, but so are the aquatic legendarys If you fight pvp(I have about 400+. I get about 3 or 4 a day).

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Does is matter that I don’t have high level Aquatics? My highest is a level 10 VIP. I can only get an intermediate prize.
Either way, I don’t have time to grind PVP. Maybe once summer comes around, but for now, I’m grading papers, preparing lessons, and spending time with family. Sometimes I sleep, mainly on the weekends (not as much of a joke as I wish it was). When I get a chance, I take a break and try to finish the daily missions and battles as quick as I can. Thankfully the tournaments are on the weekends, so I can squeeze in some extra time.

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then its not a good option for you. maybe later in the game. 80% of my aquatics are vip. i only hatched aquatics with a path to get to the hybrids(and to get 1 of each).

get coin production maxed and use it to get fossils for trade. its your best path for now.

Here is todays trade

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