Question about Majunga in Mortem Raids

So I’m trying to develop a strat that uses 2 skoonas for Mortem (yes it’s going really tedious, at least for a L21) but the big problem is Majunga. Specifically, would it be possible to get it to shield first turn without any luck? The strat doesn’t one shot the minions T1, so Majungas first move is vital to its success

use tenrex and tryo. tenrex needs to be 30 max attack, it prob wont work tho


It’s for the lower level players in my alliance, so they have a strat they could use for themselves

Minions chose moves based on dinos that are used. For example we failed Stygi raid with 3 Tenrex + Magna/Tryko. Both minions attacked turn 1, no shield, no distraction. 4 Tenrex and 3 Tenrex + Tryo minions shielded and distracted.

Suggest you to try your strat to see which move will Majunga use.

Hmm ok then