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Question about mammolania sim

I just have a question. How does tryo and bary only have a 37% chance of winning. It should be a 50% and 60% chance in their favor respectively. I just use ready to crush, and if they crit, mammolania is dead. I’m just curious as I don’t see another way for mammolania to win. Could possibly someone like @Piere87 be of assistance

Looks like a typo. I have a similar question too. Smilonemys’ counters have some weird numbers there:

If this is to show the win rate of the creature against nemys then this looks weird as those are the counters. I find It hard to believe that magna only wins 27% of the time. It seems like a typo to me.

I know those sim results are from the previous update but as far as i know nemys doesn’t have a chance against an indo gen2 even now unless there’s a huge misplay.

Yeah. I know lania cannot beat the two by going dig in and then rampage and getting a crit. A 1500 rampage crit is 3750 damage and these 2 have 3900 hp, so I don’t see where the 37% comes from

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Again, here’s another one. This is against gemini. Seco has a 5% chance to beat gemini because the only way it can is if It gets a crit on the rampage, which is 5%. Where does the extra 2% come from?
I know this matchup because of how many times I fought seco vs diplo in the last tournament

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Yeah, smilo can’t beat either. Against magna, magna goes for strike rampage. You went for prowl to dodge the rampage, well then here is a distract. Eventually, smilo cannot win because magna rampages it and kills it.

The “sim” doesnt know that tryostronix has to RtC into DSR.
So the “sim” is trying every move combination.

Sim goes like DSS into RtC and lose or RtC into DSS and lose.

Sim is simulating the battle 1000 times (dont 100% sure) and testing every move. I think this is why we get some odd numbers.

Let me look into that. We just updated that this week, but I’ll see what that individual matchup says and see how that percentage is calculated. I’m sure @MattEllis might be able to shed some light as well.

I think in the Mags case, Nemys runs. I always prowl and then run against Mags personally so Nemys doesn’t “lose” it just doesn’t “win” either. It is gets the heck out of there haha.

Same with Indo2. I usually decel shield and then run. Once Nemys runs, the Sim ends the battle.


Was confused. That’s what I thought would fall into the “tie” category

That may explain why gemini and gorgo win only 92% of the time rather than 95% like they should (mammolania relies on an unboosted rampage crit to win)

Oh, that makes sense, thanx!

No, swap out has an entirely different percentage. I’m seeing that the swap out didn’t upload properly in this last batch so I’ll have to see what’s up and get them uploaded again to show that percent. There are 38,000 matchups we have to upload so it takes a bit of time.

ooof thats a lot of data. and it’s only going to get larger the more creatures we add.

Yep. And that’s why we can’t actually host it on the site or on the Field Guide App haha

I wonder if it can be feasible to add web link to the Gampress site into the field guide app. click a link and be brought to that creature’s match up page. probably would be too much tho.

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However, how come this applies to a turn 1 RTC and not a turn 1 MF (see mammolania vs Indo gen 2)

@Piere87 you ever hear back from @MattEllis . My curiosity is piqued

Hey @ElEduardo! What was your question again?


Shouldn’t the win rate against mammolania for bary and tryo be 60 and 50 percent respectively? (RTC+ rampage and bank on the crit). I’m just curious how the sim got 37%

@ElEduardo Let’s first look at Mammolania vs Baryonyx. Can you please let me know how you arrived at 60%?