Question about matches that are the same

So I matched with the guy that’s the exact same as Skylar (forget his last name), but I want Skylar, so I unmatched with the other guy. So does that mean I can match with Skylar now or no? Am I stuck with the other guy that has the same story as Skylar? If so, is there anything I can do to change this? I want Skylar :persevere:

I answered your question in the other thread you posted it in, but in short it seems like no as you aren’t deleting and resetting progress with the people you unmatch – you’re only putting a pause on those stories.


I have the same issue! I don’t want the guys I have and want the other ones. They should make it so we can get the counterpart. I really don’t want to restart as I’ve put money into the game but I may be forced to bc this part is stupid

I kind of like not being able to match with both since the story is exactly the same in that case. However, as you pointed out in a different thread, at least you can match with the counterpart after a few tries if you decide you’d rather read the story with them instead.

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I’m having the same problem (oddly enough with the same character). I unmatched Jaden or whatever his name is to try to get Skylar, but he still won’t match with me.

I read that once you match with one you’re locked out of the duplicate unless you restart, and restarting wipes your purchases. This seems weird to me. They should consider letting players switch to the duplicates if the players initiate unmatches.

Anyway, I contacted support through the app to ask if I could restart and have my purchases restored. Never heard back, and as of today the support chat section is gone from my app. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I matched with Dominic Wright and after a few days I matched with Adam Johnson (Dominic’s counterpart), without undoing Dominic’s match. Now I can’t talk to either.