Question about matchmaking and stat boosts

  1. Matchmaking
    Is it till 6500 tropies only team strength counts or combination of Trophiecount and team strenght?
    As far as I have understand till 6500 trophies only teamstrength is counting. If so than is doesn’t matter what kind of team u have?
    Lets say someone has 4800 tropies and a team with an average of 27. If matchmaking works right than your opponent should also have around an average team of 27?
    Lets say someone has 4800 tropies and an team with an average of 18. If matchmaking works right than your opponent should also have around an average team of 18?
    So u can win or lose just as many trophies with a team of 27 or 18. IF MATCHMAKING IS WORKING RIGHT…

  2. Stat boosts
    My team of 8 is unboosted a team with lvl 24 - 27 dino’s. With the stat boosts I used they r now each between 27,5 and 28,5. So I tried to make a balanced team.

I have some stat boosts to invest. But I see the gap between my team of 8 dino’s and the rest getting bigger and bigger with each stat boosts I invest.

So it will be getting harder and harder to level up my other dino’s to the level of my team of 8 dino’s.
For instance all the new ones(from Smilodon to Quetzorion) are at lvl 16 and some 21. Thats for me a gap of 6 to 10 levels.
So what shall I do? Invest my stat boosts in my team of 8 or starting to invest them on the others?

I think it is a little early in the new matchmaking in 1.8 to tell which way the balancing will go between boosts and levels. In 1.7 it was definitely better to boost lower level dinos but i’m not sure atm.

I would suggest you get the JWA Fieldguide app create a Dream Team and work towards that, if you currently team is largely in the dream team work on them if not work on something new.

I have 2 dinos not at team level being worked on with levels and boost because I know I want to use them in my team. It might take a month to get them ready but I have committed now and it would be a waste to change direct.

One other thing in you description of matchmaking is analogous to Leyton Orient (a Conference division football club) only ever playing other Conference football clubs but winning the premier league by virtue of getting more points than Manchester City or Liverpool.

Or in US speak it would be like Down East Wood Ducks from Carolina Minor League Baseball making it to the World Series by only playing other Minor League Baseball team but by getting more points?

This matchmaking idea is a little wonky. What’s wrong with a simple trophy system?