Question about offers - which I did not receive - 1 week delay

Can anyone tell me what these offers included as I have not received them through purchases yet ;

Tommus Treasure Trove

Hidden Forge Bungle

Frost Silver special offer - This one is recent and I received the chest but still need the 10,000 gold and 1k gems.

Thanks guys.

When ever you make purchase it is best to close your page and reboot the game.

Can someone answer my question? Thanks.

My question was about the events not how to tackle bugs. It’s just too much that takes more then a week to be contacted by a support about real money spent.

Kind regards,

You said it all. Thanks.

Your answer was out of point mate. Now drop it. We are all victims of paying money with receipt as proof and this support team efficiency does not care.Shame.Not even 1 support team tried to contact me and solve my problems…I’m shocked these things happen in 2019.I understand busy but 12 days busy is too much.I even private messages some support users to assist me and sent emails following protocols. Nothing.So sad.