Question about "one time offer"


I wonder that how many time that the game will offer “one-time offer” to the players ?
because I bought it when I passed to level 5 but when I passed to level 5 and 6 the offer not showed to me again, or even when I passed the arena 4 to 5 and to 6 .
some people told that you can buy it every time you pass the arena or level up.
I really want to have more incubators ,thanks


I’m level 7 currently and every time I have levelled up it gives me the option of the one time offer


it dont occur in my account i really want to know why ??


It’s occurred once for me (ofc I snapped it up) when I hit 4 but haven’t leveled up since. I did also get a one-time offer when I leveled up to bronze two (for hsrd cash instead of real money) bought that one too.


Every time you go up a rank in Arena, or Level up, you will be presented with a one-time-offer. Some are purchasable with real money, others in game cash.

The ‘one-time’ refers to that specific offer obviously.


I really understand about that point but it just offer to me only one time since i have played this game , no matter what I have leveled up or passed to next the arena. (I bought it 1 time when I have leveled up to level 3 or 4 and it never show to me again).
now I nearly reach to arena 5 but I don’t wanna reach if one time offer won’t occur to me _ _
i really want to know where the problems is … my account ?? or ??