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Question about people's alliances


My sister, my wife and I are pretty active players. I’ve personally been bouncing in and out of top 500. We are currently in an alliance with just us 3. My question; do alliances out there actually donate DNA upon request? Wed like to join an alliance which shares, and we are open to Shari g ourselves, but I’m just wondering if this feature is actually used. Can anyone chime in?


Hello! My fiancé & I, as well as a friend of ours play together from Southern IL and we have two other players who joined from other states as well. Right now, the 5 of us donate to each other every time there is a request made (as long as we have it, of course) and we are pretty good about filling requests every time it’s asked as we all work different hours throughout the day/night. You’re welcome to join our alliance if you’d like, because with the addition of you 3, we could probably come pretty close to helping fill any requests. We’d be happy to have you if you’re interested in merging :blush:

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We are actually in Illinois as well, as chance would have it. I’m happy to join now, if possible, and them soonafter? Our schedules are all pretty different, and I must admit my wife as been less active lately, but I’m happy to follow requests as is my sister. Sound good?


Yay! Perfect. We are about 45 minutes North of St. Louis. Where do you all play from? :slightly_smiling_face: By the way, we are StygiShield when you’re ready to join!


I’ve requested to join, thanks for being so friendly!
We are in the suburbs near Chicago, within an hour of the city. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I probably should have asked, any requirements to join? My sister and wife are in the 3-4k range of trophies.


Nope! Bring ‘em over! :grin:


Will do, thanks again!

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