Question about raptors


So can anyone explain why if my raptor is battling an opponent’s raptor who is on the same level and same health, why is the opponent’s raptor always faster than mine? The opponent and I were the same level, and I had slightly more trophies. So I would have expected to have the faster raptor. Just weird to me.


They clicked the move before you did. That’s how ties are solved in this game.


That raptor goes first whose owner klicked the attack button faster :smiley:


Thanks guys. I thought I was being fast, but I guess not.


If I see an same level opponent coming up I just start tapping like crazy on the button I want before the select your attack screen has come up hahahahha. I probably look like a bleeping idiot but hey I does work :wink:


They have to be the same Raptors to have the tie scenario. If they had a faster raptor like a velociraptor pinned against a pyroraptor then the velociraptor will win. If they are the same Raptor, same level, then who ever hits a move first gets it


And not only for raptors ofcourse…it’s for all the same beest, same level dino’s you’ll encounter.