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Question about Scent of Claws strike tower


I bought some of these scents when they came out, so if I have 5/2 Scent of Claws in my inventory, will the game add it to my inventory once completing the tower? Or will it register as full and not give me anything…


It won’t give you anything


Well that is some BS.

That’s the thanks I get for buying 5…“nope, you cant have the 6th one free!”

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Use up the 5 and then do the tower? :man_shrugging::joy:


They want you to use them straight away. The game is designed to pretty well make you play 24/7 there’s always something happening

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How did you buy 5?


They are for sale for 200 hard cash each, or with a dart bundle for 220 hard cash each. You just buy it five times. Anything you purchase with hard cash is allowed to go over the inventory limit.

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Ahh thanks for the info


I would, but stuck at work and would rather fire them off while moving.


How do you beat the yellow strike Event


Hey Tracey, there’s a couple other posts in the forum with some good strategies you should check out.