Question about Solid gold packs and loyalty points

I have a few questions.

If you purchase a solid gold pack, it will give you 650x2 LPs for return. After i reviewed this forum, I realized that there is an event that give you 3x/4x return LPs but the game just give you 325x4 LPs, instead of 650x4 LPs. Am i right?

So, I just wanna know that if 3x/4x Returning LPs is come, should I buy solid gold packs? Is it gonna be 325x4 or 650x4, I need your experiences and opinion for planning my LPs.

Now I am at level 70-71, I used to play 5-6 years ago for a month and stopped for education. Now I played again for 4 months.

About last year, i remembered that solid gold pack was 20% discount. I wanna know that how frequent is the event going to be?

And last question, form your experiences and opinions. Should I wait for which event if I just wanna spend my LPs worth for it? (My lineup stable at level 20-30 VIP creatures which I use for tournaments. My max ferocity in my lineup is lv20 indominius rex, so solid gold packs are worth for me, but which event gives me the most value for LPs)

We fairly recently had the discount on the 10k packs back in late October don’t expect it to come around again until then. We also had the 2x LPs special not all that long ago either so again don’t expect it again for another year.

With that being said you have a long wait until you might expect any specials on the LP packs. That is not really an issue as just hoarding LPs is fairly easy especially if you don’t need the VIP creatures for your lineup. If you don’t need VIP creatures to better your lineup then just sit tight and wait it out, it’s not a huge deal. If your lineup is not all that deep and could benefit from some VIP creatures then it might be worth it to just but the 10k packs for a bit until your lineup is good enough that you don’t need additional VIP creatures to make it better for whatever it is that you do with your creatures be it PvE, tournaments ect…


So, you are suggest me not to wait for it if I need VIP creatures now, aren’t you?
Actually, I plan to keep my lineup ferocity around 6000 or a little bit less for the next few months. My answer is YES, I do need some VIP creatures to help me, but I am not sure to buy packs now or just wait.
Thanks a lot for your opinions.

IIRC its because they nerfed the LP gained from each pack just before the 4X event. I wouldn’t count on saving for a 4x LP event. IF you aren’t VIP, then a 2x LP event is worth it to start buying packs, but we had a 2x LP event a few weeks ago, so it’ll be a while till the next event rolls around.

This is also very rare, so no one can give an ETA when the next one will come. These discounts are what I’m saving my LP for since the cost is offset more than just 4x LP (since the nerf).

As @Subxero11 said, it depends on if you need VIP dinos. I’ve amassed about 50-60 VIPs at high levels and I myself am saving for the pack discounts, especially the 35k ones. If you have a balanced and wide roster, then I’d say hold off. If you are lacking in power or quantity, the I’d invest in a few packs.

Stakeholder’s visit. 750 LP up to 1000 LP, VIPs double the amount, and for 950 Dbux you get a second spin. Just last week I got 4k LP from 2 spins, landing on 1000 each and having it doubled because I’m VIP. IIRC it start’s at a certain park level but is fairly easy once a powerful roster is obtained.

Thank you very much. Both of you.

if I cannot hope for that events soon and now I still need power from VIP creatures, so I will buy some gold packs as much as I need for tournaments without waiting for any promotions and keep some LPs for the dinos that I really want on 35k/50k packs.

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