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Question about the alliance reward after switching alliances


I want to switch my alliance this week. And have two questions about the reward.

First: I’ve heard that when I’m switching from alliance A to alliance B I will get the weekly reward from alliance A for the current week. And only get the reward from B after the next week. Is this true?

Second: And if its true. How does it work? My current
alliance A is on Exploration rank 4 right now but will probably reach rank 5 tomorrow. When I’m switching today, will I only get the rank 4 reward? Or also the rank 5 reward, if they going to reach them AFTER I left this alliance?



Worth a bump. I’m not 100% sure and maybe need someone who has switched more. Or has more knowledge on changing alliances.

I switched alliances once. I switched on a Monday morning after I collected our rewards we worked for and said goodbye. Once I switched alliances I instantly started contributing to the new alliance. And got the rewards from the new alliance at the end of that week.


When it comes time to collect rewards for Missions, you will collect from the one you are in in when it comes time to collect.

If you collect on Mondnay from your current one, you cannot collect again from the one you are joining. You will get the rewards for your new Alliance next Monday.

If you leave today from your current Alliance, you will collect rewards for the one you join today (collect Monday) and you cannot collect from your old one, as you are no longer associated with it.

I think the best way to switch is to collect Monday from your current one, then join a new one Monday and help them for that week’s missions.


I already have a place in another alliance B. And alliance B has better rewards (higher tiers). So it will be better to switch before the break, right?


You will collect rewards from the alliance you are a member in, when it comes time to collect.
So yes, if you join one today that will have larger rewards, you can collect them on Monday.


So I was wondering if you switch to a new alliance say on Sunday and the new alliance is 5/5, do you get to go through all the ranks and collect all the coins and cash? Then you switch back to the former alliance and then get to collect all the rank coins and cash again? Keep switching back and forth from alliance to alliance and keep raking in the coins and cash. Just wondering.


If you switch alliance you don’t claim what the others have done on b alliance but you will collect b alliance incubator


My wife started an alliance way back when they started them for just us. Than it grew. I’ve never switched but was wondering.


Nah you can’t claim all the rewards like that just get the incubators thats it