Question About the Amber Market

I’ve heard that the dinosaurs on the amber market are “permanently locked” in a sense, making it the only guaranteed way to unlock them other than getting lucky with a prize wheel or a card pack. Should I be buying the dinos I need from there or should I just wait to get them by other means? If I should buy them with amber, is it worth it to spend the extra 15 DB for the second roll on the “Time to Strike!” event? If it’s not worth it to buy them with amber, how else would I go about getting them?

These are the ways:

  1. Use amber to get copies off the Amber market.
  2. Pray for RNG within packs/prize wheels.
  3. Spend money on card packs for an RNG chance.
  4. Obtain copies from the daily lottery once/if they come up as prizes.
  5. Wait for unlock events to come around once in a blue moon.

Personally, Option 1 is best. If you have the Amber why not spend it? The rest all require too much RNG to reliably obtain, aside from just throwing massive amounts of cash at the game.

Option 5 is a too far away shooting star to hope for…


Yes it’s true that unlock events for locked creatures are extremely rare… I’ve been playing for about two years with a few breaks and in this period i got to unlock only two such creatures from bracketed tournaments (the kind where lower level players get the chance to unlock a super rare or a standard legendary creature) Shunosaurus and sarcosuchusgot unlocked that way… So to wait gor such an event is totally hopeless

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If you are doing the event then I suggest you to spend the extra 15 bucks as it doubles the resources you get out of the event.


Alright, so I should just use my amber in that case and spend the 15 DB for the extra amber. Thanks! As for the unlock events, have there ever been any for the locked creatures? I haven’t seen them on that big google doc with all the dinosaur stats and whatnot, so I was just wondering if there would be an eventually.

I use the amber market as I have never gotten a copy of prionosuchus from rng and have gotten all 8 copies from the amber market. I think it is worth spending the extra 15 bucks for another spin as there is a chance to get a dinosaur or pack and the extra 9.5k amber is really helpful


What does RNG stand for?

Random number generator


Thank you!

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For a few, yes. The rest, no. I don’t really recall who had unlock events, but if you go back and look at each of the weekly schedules you can see who has had unlock events. That way you can prepare for when they could come around again.

Then moving forward, just check each weekly schedule to see if an elusive unlock is happening that week, even check on weeks you might take a break from.

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