Question About the Indoraptor and Canon


Hi All,

In the movie, was Blue’s DNA used in the hybrid creation of the Indoraptor? It’s Indominus Rex plus Blue DNA, correct?

If so, then why is JW:A using standard raptor DNA as a fusion material rather than Blue DNA? Not a huge deal… but I think it would be ideal to use the actual canon fusion materials.

Personally, I would prefer to keep my common raptor DNA for Indominus apart from Indoraptor. I hear rumors that it’s 2,000 DNA per attempt or something insane like that. I would rather have 4 attempts at Indominus instead of 1 for Indoraptor that uses said Indominus DNA.


I think the one in the movie was created before Blue was brought over from the island, probably why it wasn’t initially for sale. I believe that one used regular velociraptor DNA. They wanted to make one that listened better by using Blue’s DNA for the next one.

When Blue was dying during transport, and the one lady used T-Rex blood for the transfusion, they implied that his DNA was now tainted and they couldn’t use blue. At least that is the impression I got from the movie.


Their intention was use blue but they didnt used, thats why they need to go for blue


Ah, OK. I guess I got messed up with the movie timeline. I thought they used Blue’s DNA strand to make the first Indoraptor, but needed more samples to continue making them more pure, but it got messed up with the Rex blood.

Which… not going to lie… was the most idiotic part of that movie. I know it’s sci-fi… but come on. Mixing blood between creatures and hoping for the best? It would have gone into cardiac arrest and died.