Question about the Indoraptor

So I have question: If I max out the Indoraptor before I max out the other hybrids will the AIs get a lot harder because I have that one super powerful hybrid? Should I focus on maxing out the other hybrids before I max out the Indoraptor?

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Lookup SionSith’s analysis. You’re headed for Tommi’s previously disastrous scenario.

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Take a look here
and here

There is a lot of information to find. I would strongly recommend not to max out your Indoraptor for a very long time.
Myself I am not sure if I am ever going to evolve it beyond lvl 2p, maybe some day but for sure never beyond lvl 30.

Well it was a little bit disastrous, but I survived and I am now happier as I was before…self-delusion is a fine thing.

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There’s an idiom that says, just because you could doesn’t mean you should.
Wise saying.