Question about Tryostronix!

Should I put in this Scary Guy? :thinking:
If yes, for who? I think T-Rex (slower, same health), but I’m not sure

Just my opinion: I don’t see any point for getting this: Sarcorixis dino at all. Creating itself is like: More coins, more darting for DNA, more fuses and most importantly, it cannot be used when we climb up the arenas. I have seen level 20+ for Einiasuchus around 3200-3500 trophies. But later on, everyone has at least 4 legendaries and Epics like: Gorgosuchus, Alanqa, T-Rex, Stegoceratops, Postimetrodon and others.

Better to stay away from this kind of Epics(Sarcorixis) and work on something which has good legendaries.


Ask yourself this: how often does your T-Rex get stunned? How often would that happen to Tryostronix?

You’ll definitely need Tryo moving forward. Immunity and potential massive damage thanks to powerups and higher crit. I can remember 2-3 times Tryo has literally taken out all 3 dinos by himself… when the timing and RNG are synced. I’d suggest taking out sacorixis or stegotops.

Tryo all the way. Great opener, can’t be debuffed, deals a ton of damage when you can fit in RTC and can break shields. How many of those things can Sarcox do? Albeit, having both Irex and Trex is a little redundant but I think they out-chomp the gator.

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Honestly I thought Sarcorixis was good for his armor (25%) and SIA ability. Thanks guys, I’ll try to swap Sarco for Tryo, maybe TRex can be more usefull (damage and defense shattering hits).

I tried him out because of the SIA but he just doesn’t hit hard enough and died too quickly. (Granted, he was a bit underleveled for Jurassic Ruins) To be effective he has to last 3 rounds so you can get FS going, pray for a stun, and hit w/ APS or lockdown depending but the number of times that worked for me were minimal. Don’t expect Tryo to outlast, given no armor, but he’ll do some major damage on his way!


Sarcos best use is cheap exp… fusing rares is the my coin effecient exp you can get and sacro gives you away to dump what is otherwise useless dna in to fuses twice. That way you dont have to level up as much.

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