Question about tyrannolophosaur

What does tyrannolophosaur have 1640 damage when its parents have 1800 damage? Anyone have the answer why?

It has distraction and null so I guess it need lower attack

They did buff Dilophosaurus a few patches back. So it’s damage was lower. I’m guessing since Tyrannolophosaur has Distraction, it can survive longer with lower damage.

Fair point


I mean, when dilo g2 still has distracting impact it was around 1400-1500, nodopatosaurus can twin with tyrannoloph…

Dilo G2 has 1800 base damage sure, but it’s damage output is limited to basic strikes. T-loph on the other hand has rampage and impact, and distract, so 1800 would be too much on it, since then it’s damage would pretty much be double dilo g2s.