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Question about unlock events

Does the unlock for event like the shatter the earth for the Gen 2 that ends tomorrow, is that only for the top 1% to unlock or if you fall in the 5% and you get 2 legends, are those unlocked to buy for DNA? I am currently in the 1% at like 96th, but planned on falling to 5% and I am not moving even without battling.

Only a Dominator League finish grants an unlock as far as tournaments go.


Shatter the earth isn’t a tournament. It is a PvE unlocked event.

Complete the event, get the unlock.

Does it have to a be the top 1% for Gen 2 or if I fall into the 5% I will unlock the Dino from card 3 and 4?

I am knew and would rather unlock 2 land legends potentially instead of the water mosasaurus gen2 if I can do that.

Just the Dominator reward is an unlock. The legendary creatures from card 3 and 4 won’t be unlocked.

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This event will ONLY unlock the Mosasaurus Gen 2, and then ONLY if you finish in Dominator League or the “Top 1%.”

These events will ONLY unlock the featured creature upon completion. There is no worry about finishing in a particular league or level.

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Perfect, thank you!

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So, you mentioned that you would rather “unlock 2 land legends”…

Just so that it’s clear - you are not unlocking any legends. You will get a copy of 1 random Legendary in there, twice.

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