Question about using multiple devices

Hi there. I’ve been playing JWA for almost a year now on my iPhone exclusively. I just received a Samsung Galaxy tablet as a gift. My question is, am I able to play on both devices? I am linked through Facebook, but iOS also automatically connected to GameCenter as well. And I know that I have to connect to Google Play with my new tablet. So I’m super paranoid about losing my progress if I try to connect with my tablet, if I’m able to at all. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

If you’re linked through Facebook, then you should be clear to login there no matter what. However, I’m not tech support so I’d take that with a grain of salt

I’ve played one account on a Samsung phone logged in through goggle and an iPhone logged in through Facebook so I don’t see any issues.

Great! Thank you for the responses.

An Android device allow you to access JWA via Google Play or FaceBook, no problems. With an iOS device you can access FaceBook but not Google Play.