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Question about VIP free trial

1st how do you get the offer?

2nd during the free trial period do you get full VIP access or are certain perks restricted? For example do you get access to buying VIP exclusive packs, the VIP prize drop stuff, VIP discounts on both creatures and say VIP LP packs if there just so happened to be a discount at that time?

Asking for a friend :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


To answer q1: sometimes after I open a mystery pack I get it
To answer q2: I am certain it is full VIP. A YouTuber (who is not a hacker) got an offer, took it and had full VIP accessibility


While opening a mystery pack


Been keeping my eyes open on all accounts and haven’t seen any offers and honestly don’t remember seeing any for a long time. I wonder, do you need to have your account linked to like FB or something to get these offers or do they go away after you reach a certain level?

I started my vip through a trial and I’m not connected to facebook, I think I was offered the free trial along with a free rex after leveling up, not sure if you would get offered the free trial any other way and I dont remember it popping up while playing

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hmmm lvl 99…

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Well D2’s account is not lvl 99. I remember Andy mentioning that the VIP benefits can be shared across accounts some how. Not sure if that would work since it is not a parent account. I need to do some digging i suppose

Yes that might pose a problem, but I’m sure that ludia must have put something else in place for max level players, maybe after an infinite battle win you might get offered a free trial.

All I can say is I dont remember getting offered a free vip trial that much maybe twice before I actually accepted.