Question about weekly dinosaurs


Hello, I wanna ask something because I have a hunch I’m doing this terribly wrong. Do common, rare, epic Dino’s on the weekly schedule have a shared cap on attempts or does each rarity has individual caps and have no interaction with one another? Coz if that’s the case I blew a serious amount of Gali DNA last week for no absolute reason.:sweat_smile:


It’ll typically vary by release days … you’ll have a set number of Dinos you can dart from M-W, and from Th-F, and S-Sn.

This has been a unique week though because we have a the original release of irritator/gorgo/trex2 and the surprise release of the pterosaurs… so if you’re short on time, I’d prioritize the irritator/gorgo/trex2 and get the flyers later on. They’re be up until Saturday morning



(I left a longer answer … just waiting for Mods to approve it for whatever reason lol :man_shrugging:t4:)


Flip! Those epics will be here when I’m unable to go around and gather them! D: Whyyyyyyyyy. I guess I’ll have to wait until they are featured again. lol


My question was more around the misconception that if I darted on rares on Wednesday I would get reduced or 0 chances to dart epics on saturday. I took a leap of faith with the rare flyers and I could also dart the epics today and found out. Thx everyone for taking the time to reply tho😊