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Question: can I remake a hybrid if I have the base dinos?

This might seem a silly question, but I can’t find the answer from searching the forum, so I thought I would ask. I have a mission to hatch an Indominus, the 3rd one. It’s not really in my game plan just now as I already have one level 20 and a level 13 and they are expensive.
However, I am building up a ‘spare’ T rex from battle wins. I have a fair few spare Velociraptors too. If I can do another Indominus like this, with just the DNA for evolution, it should be much cheaper. Does anyone know if it is possible to repeat-create a hybrid from its base dinosaurs?

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In general just buying the hybrid on hybrid discount day is probably your best option. It does seem tempting to just use spare parental dino’s you have been getting for “free” to just make another but you are still shelling out DNA, food and hatchery time for it.

Back to the story mission. That one is definitely annoying and it seems like you are not in the best position to check it off easily. You have options though even if they are all not the best. You could buy or create another one like you mentioned. If you had 2 lvl 10’s you could combine them for a lvl 11+ and that would count towards the mission. You could technically combine your 2 lvl 20’s for a lvl 21+ and that would also complete the mission but that isn’t always the best idea for your lineup and or your park plans.

In the end do whatever you want, I’d probably just save some DNA and buy one personally.

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Yes, as long as you have both dinos at level 40, you can still fuse them into 1 hybrid.

The only difference is that the first fuse unlocks the dino in the market.

It is cheaper to buy on indom and quicker than buying and evolving 8 raptors and t rexes
However if you have gained copies from battles for free and can afford to lose the lvl 40 t rex and velociraptor

Thanks everyone, it’s good to know it is possible. At the moment I will wait and see what happens first, 8 ‘battle prize’ T-rexes - I have 6 - and a few more Velociraptors, or enough spare DNA and a week-long free hatchery slot to just buy one Indominus.

I already have 2 fully evolved T-rex and Velociraptor, so can spare a 3rd one, although I still find the T rex useful in tournaments.

I will do some calculations in a week or two to see which suits me best.

transform T-Rex 2 level 40 and the velociraptor, it would probably be cheaper! :sweat_smile:

my indominus rex is only level 20, and it helps me a lot for the league … so maybe you can keep the tyrannosaurus.

I don’t want an Indominus above level 20 yet, she’s already a step above all my other dinos in ferocity. I’ll wait until the mission that requires that in about 20 missions time. It’s not so much that I don’t want another Indominus, but at the moment I need better pterosaurs and herbivores, not another carni.
The link to the useful story missions topic shows where I’m at, on the 3rd hatch mission.

Story Mission - Episode 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 Screen shots (ep48,49, 50 Indominus Rex hatch missions)

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