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Question Event Rewards Common, Rare, Super Rare and Legend

I am level 54 and these missions are cumbersome to say the least. My friend is a level 90 and his rewards are consistently the gold packet legends for the events and the same events for me are Super Rare. What point do I cross into the same tiered rewards (Gold Legend Packet vs same event Super Rare end reward)? I am hoping Level 60 is that threshold, any feedback would be appreciated.

Yes,the first bracket is between 8 and 39,I believe or wherever it starts 40-59 is the second bracket,3rd is 60+. For events,from 40 , I think every sunday,you recieve a golden rewards pack event .

I think the rewards change on your Dino ferocity? Or, my team all leveled up around park lev 60. Not sure which.

I just remember having just under level 40 super rares and level 20 legendaries. When I went to level 30 legendaries prizes got better.

Thank you!

What level are you now?

Once I had solid coin generation, buying apoto fossils to trade moved my level up really fast.