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Question for all alliance leaders

So i have just been handed the torch of leader and im in the process of clearing out inactive members (11/50 inactive for a week) and i was just wondering how you guys go about clearing space for active members and how often.
So far ive just been screen shotting and keeping tabs but its getting tedious. Is there an easier way?

I try to give people the benifet of the doubt but they’re really screwing us out of the rank 5 incubator

Hello. private message me and i can chat about this all day.


@KillerRaptors helped me

One thing to bear in mind, as has happened to the Alliance I am in recently, some people do occasionally take a break from the game. We had a player who took a week off to focus on work and came back wondering where the Alliance had gone. Give a reasonable amount of time before booting people.


Don’t recruit on Sundays, it draws leeches. I obviously got bit on that one. Good luck!


Im not making any changes until after the missions end. Just trying to get all our ducks in a row before its too late.

MI am a new leader and have had to cut my first inactive Would you accept a player to your team with this profile? The player has high level, high damage Dino’s but it is showing up as Training Ground Arena with 0 trophies. Just made the request last night and I question why they would not be in a successful alliance.

Hello. If you have the space to spare for them I think you should give them a chance. Tell them to immediately do a battle so that their trophy count changes. Do not miss this opportunity to gain a powerful member.

Thank you! I really appreciate your advice.

One more question please. Why do players suddenly show a 0 Trophy count? Does this mean they have zero battle incubators left to activate or that they have not battled in a specific amount of time?

After a trophy reset and everyone goes to 0, those that do a battle regain the correct count. If they don’t battle at all they remain at 0. It is the only tool to determine how active they are outside of requesting and donating. I use it to determine who stays and goes. Hope this helps.

Everybody’s count clears to 0 until they do a battle. I use tournaments to clear house. I alert all to do one battle, wait 48 hours, then call out all who remain at 0 by name. I don’t know if this is the best method, but it seems to have worked so far. This last time, we only lost two members.

I experimented in this last reset and found that just doing a strike tower will return your trophy count. The problem is people with only one account don’t see themselves with zero trophy’s. It only shows zero to others.

When there is a reset, you need to do at least one PvP or Friendly or strike tower battle or you show zero to everyone but yourself. If your in an alliance, you could get booted in a week or so if your not doing any kind of battling. The thing is many don’t like battling at all.

Thank you to all who replied to my question. I am always asking certain players to battle to get their trophies back but some never respond. I guess it’s goodbye to them. I make it clear to my alliance I want them to have fun but also expect them to be reasonably active in all aspects of the game.

I usually wait 2 weeks with no sign or word from a member before i boot. Also i dont go off trophy counts because to many glitches with them showing properly and some people just dont do battles but help donated and missions ill write names down for the week on anyone that hasnt helped just to keep track