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Question for devs/mods/Ludia employees

This isn’t something that need a debate but I am curious from someone who might know and can answer this question. If bots were going to be taken out of pvp, which they obviously have been, why was there this part of the update notes

I don’t think bots have been taken out so much as haven’t been given the chance to appear.

Previously, you were matched against a bot if player matchmaking took too long.

Now that everyone in arena level 7 is treated as being in the same league, matchmaking times never pass the time limit for bots to be an option, because there’s always a player available to be matched with.

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With all the people commenting in this forum I would think that at least one would have come across a bot.
I will grant it is possible that they have and not commented but to me it seems unlikely

Another question I have is why does everyone keep saying that matchmaking was changed to where you could fight anyone in your league? There is nothing in the update notes that says matchmaking is suppose to be done any way other than how it already was. Obviously we can see that something has changed because of the match ups we are getting, but since people who should obviously be in different leagues are fighting each other why is it assumed that we are fighting “anyone within our league” as opposed to a broken system that is still based around trophies. I have been in the lowest league, Burntbone or whatever it is, since the beginning but have fought people who were ranked #1 overall. I could be wrong but I don’t think they were in the lowest league.
So why are we assuming it’s based on league and broken instead of just based on trophies and broken?

In fact the more I think about it the less likely I feel it is that matchmaking is based on league. Not everyone qualifies for the leagues and it seems unlikely that they would have two separate matchmaking algorithms

I have seen the following statement many times in the forum

rest assured that our team is aware of the issues from the previous update and that our team is working on addressing them

They have not taken this concern seriously. It has been a week now since I first received a comment like this from support. However, as opposed to reinstating the bots, efforts have been directed toward the monetized Jaraxle pre-lease.

Ludia…Please prioritize a patch for the PvP issue.

It would be unethical to leave PvP broken yet again to encourage players to purchase a Hero pre-release.

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The only surefire way to see action is to stop spending (if you were) or stop playing (like I have). After 30 of 32 pvp matches were against opponents 2,000 trophies above me, I’d had enough. It took me three days to get two chests when prior to the update I was winning 60+% of matches. As long as they see the same income rolling in and the same activity on their servers, there isn’t much incentive for them to fix things.

I appreciate everyone’s opinions and viewpoints but like I said I didn’t mean this post to become any kind of a debate. I posted it strictly in hopes of getting an answer to one specific question from someone who might actually know.

Well I guess I did add a second question to the forum community in general but none of the comments have actually touched on that question

I Was playing last night which was the very wee hours of the morning for ET and I had numerous matches in. Row in which I couldn’t get an emoticon response from the opponent despite the usual ludicrous antics.

I don’t pay any attention to load time so couldn’t tell if they were a bot on that basis


Mkb617, I’ll save support the effort (hopefully they will commit the time to fixing this mess) and provide you with the standard response to all similar queries.

Mkb617, rest assured that our team is aware of the issue and are diligently working on addressing your concern.

Why are you adding jarlaxle who is a rogue/fighter when u could be adding a monk, Sorcerer, druid or artificer?

What does this have to do with the topic of this post? Why not start a post of your own?

Sorry I didn’t mean for that to sound so snotty but why not ask that question in one of the posts about jarlaxle or about the update in general?

Bcuz I’m asking the people who made the game. Which fits perfectly with the title of the thread.

It says question not questions :wink:

But fair call

Like I said I didn’t mean to be snotty. In the first line of the actual post I specify that I was looking for an answer to a specific question. That question being why they said something about bots in the update when it seems they took the bots out. It wasn’t meant to be a catch all for more questions.

Besides your question is more of a statement anyways. You do that magical trick people like to do where you pose your opinion as a question. I am sure there were multiple reasons and discussions when it came to the decision to put jarlaxle in.

Anyways go ahead and ask say what you want. My question is obviously one that can’t or don’t want to answer. Have a happy thanksgiving

I didn’t know where else to post my question. I’m new to the forms.

It hasnt been implemented, and likely pvp feature implementation has been paused to address the broken matchmaking algorithms :wink:

Hey Mkb617, bots are still in the game. However, they may be appearing less frequently now if you’re not having trouble finding a real player in PVP.