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Question for devs/mods/Ludia employees

No worries, I keep waking up and responding and it happens to be to you. Welcome to the forums. Other than my crappy attitude the last couple of times I responded to you, this really is a decent group of people

Ned, as the developers have been aware of PvP match-up fiasco, with a patch available for many days, I am deeply disturbed with the current state of play.

The current VIP period for many players continues to extend through this era of unbalanced and relatively unplayable PvP matches. With chests being available far less frequently the value of VIP is diminished, with many VIP players not receiving anticipated value,

Overlooking the urgency to release the patch was a poor choice. Withholding the patch has been negligent to the users and various corporate brands including Ludia and WotC.

Please ensure the engineers understand the urgency of having this debacle patched ASAP.

Hey everyone, an update from Jon here:


Thanks Ned. This is terrific news.