Question for Echo, Delta or Charlie caughters from wild


Hi! When you have found Charlie, Echo or Delta? Do you have found them at day or then, when all other Raptors are also moving? And I let Blue, because she is so rare, I don’t have seen anybody, who have caught her wild!


I just saw Echo spawn closeby.
In the Netherlands, at around 9:15 AM.


Saw Delta spawn at night today, roughly around 11:10 pm


And I Delta, around the same time


8:25 a.m. this morning…I wasn’t completely surprised after hearing all the reports, but it certainly is a good way to start the day!


yea about 9am this morning down the road from mine was echo just having a mooch around, then I caught it and then it kicked me out the game to update lol :thinking:


Well, Echo is not really viable in this game. Sad but true. His moveset is very interesting for a Raptor tho.


Rares and epics don’t seem to have preferred time spawns in my area. Only commons. I haven’t seen any of the squad in the wild yet in Phoenix.


Very true. Nice for the collection…but that’s about it, unless you’re in a lower level arena.


Any raptors (Charlie included, spotted last night) are usually active after 8 PM here in Ohio.


have caught echo and Charlie at day and at night here in Pennsylvania…


Anyone see blue around?? I want to LVL mine deyond LVL 15


I haven’t seen any of the raptor squad. I got all of them through the incubator aside from blue.


Found Delta tonight, around midnight. She was loitering around shopping centers.


After I saw this thread an Echo appears across the street xD


I found 6xCharlie and 2x Delta. It seems that they spawn in different zones. I found all Charlies in the same Zone and the 2 Deltas in another Zone.


Only had 3x Delta in my neighborhood, so far nothing else from Raptor Squad.


Got Charlie from a 12-hr incub today. Nice.


I’ve so far only seen Delta out in the wild, and Blue like once. No Charlie or Echo yet…


You can find named raptors in Manhattan basically any time of the day