Question for inhabitants of zone 1

Although I hesitated at the beginning, it is clear that I lived in zone 1 because:

  1. I see a lot of Lytronax and Purrusaurus gen 2
  2. The rare ones that I usually see the most are, in this order, edmontosauros and megalosauros.
  3. At night I usually see some Charlie.

so is it logical that I almost never see Euplocephalus? By day it is assumed that there are three common in my area (Lytronax, Purrusaurus and Euplocephalus) but I see quantity of the first two and almost none of the third. I have just opened two capsules of common aroma and as a result, 2 Lytronax, 4 Purrusaurus, 2 Haztegopterix (global common) … and no Euplocephalus, the only one I need.

Do you also happen to you?

Something similar happens with the Dilonosauro, since I do not even see any of them while I usually see edmontosauros.

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just some bad luck maybe? although i believe euplo is day time. you should be able to find dilo. sino and concavenator as your epics. do you see any of those?

I live in zone 1, but yeah rarely see many euplocephalus, that doesn’t bother me anymore (I have a L20 that’s unused now). However, I can collect Lythronax all the time because she’s a bulky, bitey, beast! Mine’s L22 so far - yesterday it chewed the face off an I-Rex. Love my Lythey!

I sometimes see Euplo and I’m zone 4 but that’s likely a nest spawn since it’s near a Halfords. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to work that out because when I hear the term “car repair” I immediately picture a garage, not a car parts store. The more you know.

@Kitalon I’ve a level 15 Lythronax and have used it in the arena to mixed success.Still, would have loved to see my opponent’s face when she came out. “Wait wha…?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I live in zone 1. I see a decent amount of Euoplo but not as much as Lythronax and Purrassaurus G2. Im guessing the reason for this is because Euoplo is the only one of the three with a hybrid so it’s the only useful one so they limit it just like everything else useful in this game.

Actually I do not see these epics or any other. In the area where I live I rarely see more than one or two epic a week and they are distributed (some TRex, some concavenator, I think a sinoceratops a couple of months ago, etc). When I go for work to the big city I can go through the 4 zones and see some more epic. Anyway, sinoceratops is almost the hardest to find. In fact, I have not even been able to start to evolve their two large hybrids despite being at level 15 almost 16 and 4554 currently. In fact, I have stopped deluding myself because when I can get them at level 16 my team will be at average level 22/23 and possibly never enter it.

Normally I do not chase Lytronax although sometimes if I’m really bored I do it :). Possibly Lytronax would not enter my team even if I had level 30 since I would not have anything to do with the Monomimus, Indoraptors, etc that I face every day, although it is true that it is not a bad creature in lower levels

Euplocephalus is the basis of a great epic (amargocephalus) and then a great legendary (Tragodistis). I have 1922 DNA from the rare Amargosaurus, enough for 38 rounds of evolution of Amargocephalus but I have nothing of Euplocephalus. To be able to match those 38 rounds I would need 7600 DNA from Euplocephalis … but that can take months.

I’m in zone one:

I see tons (all throughout the day): lynthronax, anky gen 2, euplocephalus.

Frequently (1-2x a day): megalo, diloph

Occasionally (few times/week): concavenater

Infrequently (few times a month): sinoceratops

Once every few months: postimetrodon

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I guess you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got in your local area. For me Lythronax are everywhere so it makes sense to mop them all up and level it up, it’s already my highest level dinosaur. Strategically it can be used for several purposes, not least the surprise switch-in killing of weakened enemies that’s just funny. It’s very handy against tragodist, monomimus and ankyntrosaurus and serves it’s purpose with most.

I don’t live in zone 1, but I’ve once travelled there and used the 50 cash scent capsule and got around 8-10 euploceph. Maybe in some areas certain creatures are more common than the others even they are supposed to appearing in the same zone? :thinking:

Today I have opened 7 aromas in my area 1 (5 bought and 2 that I had) and I have obtained only one attempt of Euplocephalo … but hey, I will continue looking for them !!!

I drive through 1 all the time and have 3-4 pop up in a one mile radius. Could be a nest though. I remember when they used to be EVERYWHERE and I ignored them. If only I knew…

Voir dire fatiguant

You live in a crappy L1. :rofl:

I also remember when they were everywhere. I tried to get the most because they have always been useful but sometimes I left some … I will send my self to the past to tell me to collect them all :slight_smile: