Question for Larger/Active Alliances - Discord, Yay or Nay?

I’m currently running a decent 6/7 crew and looking to expand and grow. I’ve been toying more and more with the idea of creating a discord server for my crew (mostly because anything alliance related in game is terrible).
Do you guys use discord? If so, what’s your basic channel setup, recommendations, etc. Etc. Etc.
I’d love to pick your brains if you have a minute!

If you’re looking to grow, I’d say discord is becoming mandatory.
General, Alliance Missions, and sanctuary channels would be a good base.
My alliance has been weeding out people that are unable or unwilling to use discord because without communication they tend to do their own thing and muck things up.
My wife gets a pass because I relay everything to her. (Discord learning curve is too high)

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100% yes! Feel free to DM and we can chat :slight_smile:

Yeeeaaa :confused: Ill definitely have some weeding to do unfortunately. I use discord plenty for other games I’ve just never made my own server haha so far it’s heavily based on my GOTC alliance server. It works in some ways but it might be getting too complex :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much essential for co-ordination on missions and sanctuaries … I don’t think the in game chat would cut it even if it worked properly …

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It is difficult to get everyone onboard the discord train. Frankly, if they can’t communicate, they aren’t really part of the team. To grow past 6/7, effective communication is a necessity.

We’re a 10/9 alliance and maybe 10-15 members are on Discord (I’m not). And half of the alliance never communicates in the in game chat.
Of course Discord is a nice plus but if you have a bunch of silent and active peeps who just do their thing, you get quite far.

Personally I don’t want any extra apps for the game on my phone as I don’t want to have my phone notify me all the time when something’s going on. When I’m in the game, I have time. When I’m not in the game, I don’t have time for Discord.

Just having that twenty to thirty percent of your team coordinating with effective communication can make a huge difference. The timing of opening your rewards in a coordinated effort is worth it.

I think you’ve shown just how effective it is, even with only 20-30 percent working together.

Without communication beyond the broken chat, you’re just a bunch of individuals doing your own thing.

Timing of opening rewards has very little impact. We tried that but it’s insignificant. Besides, with current rewards getting to rank 8 or 10 makes very little difference and most people don’t care if we reach 10.

Some coordination is nice. In our case we recently started sharing sanctuaries and then it’s very important. It’s hard to get silent members to comply and listen to not fill up the shared sanctuaries though.
For everything else, can’t say we need communication much. Sometimes it’s silent a whole day, besides some people saying thanks.

You stated you aren’t on discord, so you have no real idea of what’s being coordinated behind the scenes with that 20-30% of the team. I can assure you, coordinating rewards and other things makes a big difference. If you don’t coordinate, those resources are just wasted, they don’t even count. They only count if that slot is still open at that level.

I do because everything is relayed to chat.

There’s someone you need to talk to. @Phil

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We’ll have to agree to disagree.

I don’t believe you can advance without effective communication and working together in a coordinated effort.

You believe a bunch of individuals can do just as good with the broken chat.

It is what it is.

We don’t even have Discord that long and we didn’t have any rules. There’s nothing to disagree on, this is literally how our alliance works.
Our secret weapon, however, is a couple of highly active members who can almost solo the alliance missions.
One member does a gazillion battles and another one seems to be walking her dog 20 hours a day, darting everything. It helps.
Besides that, we do kick inactive people and somehow managed to gather a bunch of mature and respectful people who never have issues.

I don’t need to be “coordinated” myself. I just play as much as I can, I don’t do more or less battles because my alliance requires it. It’s very simple. If everyone plays a lot, you will get to rank 10.

Sanctuary coordination is the only thing that is important. Before sharing them, we barely ever got to a level 10 one. Now we’re at 14 and rising.

I commented on the other post @Oden made. Thanks for the tag though.

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Sanctuaries are more what I was thinking of when it comes to communication.
19 epic DNA vs 12 over time is quite a lot.
It’s most certainly not for everyone though and I totally get the laid back just open the app and play style. (I would actually prefer that too, but I embrace the suck for the extra DNA. LOL)


Yay 100% no question.


Thank you so much! That was crazy helpful and inspiring haha