Question for my fan art of Dilorach

Okay this for a poll since I’m doing some fan art I wanted some well opinions on some stuff

Remember it’s lineage when voting pls

Dilorach has Deinocheiridae, Iguanodontidae, and Dilophosauridae dna and ancestry

Okay one do Diloracherius

  • Live in herds
  • in small family groups
  • Live together mated for life with offspring staying until their old enough to go off on their own
  • They live solitary lives only coming together

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Do male Diloracherius have

  • Larger
  • Larger claws
  • More quills
  • Feathers
  • Brighter colors
  • Larger crest
  • Larger sail
  • Frill

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Are baby dliorachierus

  • Mini versions of their parents
  • Colorless and have down feathers
  • They don’t have color but are scaly

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Are parent Diloracherius

  • Very protective and caring parents
  • Take care of the eggs till they hatch
  • Leave the eggs and hope some survive

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Ps mods can vote also; so come on in

A ways if you have any abilities or trait Ideas leave them here or if you want something no in the poll

Oops okay forgot to mention I’ll just ask here leave your answer, is this a carnivore or herbivore or like the IRL deinocherius an omnivore

I can’t wait to see what you finally create!

For your last question, I straight up see it being an omnivore, simply because it has an omnivore and a carnivore DNA donor.

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That’s true but the problem I see it no teeth

And what would it eat?

Same with Deinocheirus, but it’s stated to be an omnivore, preying on fish, and possibly burrowing animals, but it could just be fish and plants.

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Some of these questions are pretty tough.
From their descriptions,
Deinocheirus was an omnivore,
Dilophosaurus was an ambush hunter,
Ouranosaurus used it’s sail for social reasons and possibly some other mysterious reason (that gives me an idea for a drawing).
Diloracheirus could possibly change the colours on it’s sail.

That’s not much to go off of.


Another important angle is that many if not all of the JP dinos, especially ones descended from social animals have botched social lives and behaviours due to their hybrid genomes. This is what happened with the Velociraptors in the Lost World novel.

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These are some pretty intriguing questions. :thinking:

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As for diet, i would go with omnivore but being mostly a plant eater that sometimes will eat eggs, insects and other very small animals when given the opportunity. It’s body is not really built to hunt, It would suck at It :laughing:


It’s quite possible that it would use its claws to shred the meat off the carcasses of their prey. Obviously not large prey, since it had no teeth to aid in taking them down. Maybe small mammals or baby dinos to easily slap and claw to death.

Also eggs and fish like other people have been saying.


May I ask if you have anything planned after diloracheirus

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I vote Tuoramoloch! I want to see what people come up with for those “sensory abilities”.


Idk no actually I mean this Diloracherius drawing is gonna take me a while (those freaking hands man there so hard to draw djdnfjsncusmsudks!!!

Maybe tura; got any idea on what it would be

No idea. I’d have to think about it.

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I second Toura!

I think as far as sensory abilities go… Imagine them as fortified nerves - by that I mean they are sensitive to vibrations in the ground and pressure in the atmosphere. They can tell if an enemy is coming, and if the weather will be good or bad. It would be what makes them so hard to track.

But, because they are so sensitive, striking them hard enough would cause numbness. But it has to be hard enough - it wouldn’t literally be like an exposed nerve, where a single blow of the wind brings you down like a piece of paper :joy::joy::joy:

That’s why I say “fortified”, cause they can take a bit of damage before the nerves become detrimental to the animal.