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Question for my son

My son is also playing and with battling losing every time.
He did 6 now in a row and keeps heading agains a massive animal every batlle now for 5 times.
In his list of who he battled agains are only 2 names.
I like to see that he also faces another so he can win also and get incubotors.

It sounds like he lost to two regular players and is now facing AI for the last 4 battles. AI or BOT opponents will not appear in the recent opponent list. He will keep battling with AI until he wins one. Nothing to do except try and defeat them. If he is too high in trophies now, he will continue to lost until he meets opponents at his level he can defeat.


If he can’t beat AI, that’s Ludia compelling the players to buy and apply more boosts.

It’s that simple.

Dart dinos, level them up, that also helps :slight_smile:

How about some helpful advice? He did 6 in a row. So, those 2 players were the “best matches” online at that time. Wait 20-30 mins and try again. Or Battle at a different time of day. Different players are online at different times.

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As for AI battles. They are only for the 4000+ trophy range and you have to agree to fight AI. So, I don’t think that is happening here

AI occurs in all Lockwood Estate and below after 2 losses. AI also occurs as you have stated.

So either you get AI if your timer hits 0 and you accept the AI fight, or in the lower arenas you get AI if you lose 2 battles in a row.


Correct, from my observations, and it doesn’t tell you that you are battling AI, other than no opponent showing after, in recent opponents.

I never heard that before. Good to know. My first post still has meaning at least lol

I think the ai is either bugged or purposely set higher then normal… i ran into the same issue on my kids account yesterday constantly getting ai but nownthe pity ai doesnt swap to lose and its levels were 6 levels higher then team avg.